Group Travel


We are proud to call ourselves leaders in group experiences. We ensure that each and every customer receives the right amount of personal attention to get the most out of their experience.  Group travel allows you the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of on your voyage. Travelling with a Maxima Tour Director ensures that your experience will not only be optimal but that any requests to explore further options will be attentively addressed.

Creating memories with others  is the most delightful thing about group travelling. There’s really no substitute for basking in the sights of your adventure while sharing it with friends, new and  old.


Travelling solo can certainly seem daunting but it has its advantages – namely meeting new friends and sharing experiences with each other.  Looking for someone to room with in order to reduce your cost on overnight tours?  Let Maxima Tours match you with other single travelers looking to share accommodations.   Whether you’re soul searching or just want to pack up your bags and go, our travel services will provide you with a truly remarkable experience. Maxima offers access to many organized tours with the right amount of freedom for you to choose your personalized experience.

If you’re still unsure about trekking lone wolf, Maxima Tours provides travel for many liked-minded individuals; allowing you to tag along with others as you travel. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new; we’re only a phone call or email away away.

Activity Level Legend


The Activity Levels are designated as per the LEGEND indicated to the right.  You will noticed that attached to each tour, this icon displays as 1 up to 4.  One indicating EASY, two indicating LIGHT, three indicating MODERATE and four indicating CHALLENGING.  These designations are to be used by travellers in determining the level of activity that is required.  Please ensure, before signing up for a tour, that you are comfortable with your level of participation.

Please ensure, before signing up for a tour, that you are comfortable with your level of participation.

Here’s a detailed description of the Activity Levels:

Easy:  This is a very relaxed holiday, where you can set your own pace with optional excursions. Our Myrtle Beach and Bermuda Cruise are vacations which fall into this category.

Light:  Travelers could expect some intermittent walking, with some slight incline and or the odd stair climb, however overall the trip is well-paced with idle time.

Moderate:  Travelers should expect to be active for the majority of each day during the trip. It is customary to find ongoing activities from breakfast right through dinner.  Rest time will be available on the coach and between attractions. North American and European overnight tours are typical of this activity level.

Challenging:  Travelers can expect to experience various terrains, such as uneven surfaces (i.e. cobble stones) and hilly ground. The itinerary will likely include well paced walking tours with intermittent breaks. This level is synonymous to some International destinations (Europe/ South America) as there are many historical landmarks which tend to demand greater effort.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us.