Our Team

The success of Maxima is contingent on happy customers and a wonderful team.  Here we present, arguably, the very best in the industry.



Gemma Allan

Our Founder/The Boss
Extension 23

Q.  What’s your secret for looking so young? Isn’t it true that you’ve found the fountain of youth?
A.  Travel, friendship and love of family is the secret! Keep smiling 🙂



Damon Allan

Operations Manager
Extension 22

Q.  How is it that you’ve come into this business after completing a Hall of Fame career in the Canadian Football League?
A.  Well, I’ve always wanted to travel to cities that I didn’t play in. Having a successful trip, time and time again, is much more rewarding than winning the Grey Cup. Ok, I’m not that guy – but I get it all the time.


Mark Nagel

U.S. Regional Sales Manager

Q.  I hear that you were drafted by the Winnipeg Jets of the NHL?  Is that true?
A.  Yes. I was drafted in 1987 however they decided to start Teemu Selanne instead that year. I didn’t think that was fair so I moved on to greater things!





Sandi Stirling

Tour Director

Q. What’s this I hear about Sandi Castle?
A. Well, you’ve heard right. I am an International award winning Master Sand Sculptor.  I also compose music and play piano.  One of my compositions was nominated for Instrumental Recording of the year at the 2013 Hamilton Music Awards.





Steve & Wendy Griffin

Tour Directors

Q. Rumour has it that you designed a skating uniform for Elvis Stojko that he wore during competitions.  Is this true?  As a follow up, we heard that Steve was once the top soccer player in the world.
A. It’s true (well one of them).  We did design the uniform and so proud that we had this opportunity.  As for Steve being the top soccer player, well, Steve did play pro soccer and he had lofty goals of becoming the best in the world.  He still has dreams of winning the golden boot!



Lisa Tkach

Extension 35

Q. Is it true that you still use one of those 1980’s calculators?
A. Alright Damon, enough with the wise cracks!