Travel Tips

A few travel tips to think about before your journey begins…


  • Before leaving on your adventure, remember to tell family or friends where you’re going.
  • Better yet, leave them copies of your itinerary and valuables such as your passport, tickets, driving license, credit cards and insurance information, in case of emergency.

Money & Valuables

  • Only bring as much as you need! Plan ahead for how much money you think you will spend, how much emergency money you’ll need, as well as what you will regret losing or will need to replace.
  • Secret pockets, pouches or moneybags may help you hide your cash or credit cards from plain sight. Use a safe, if possible, once you’ve reached your hotel room and lock the doors.

Pack SmartPages

  • Do you really need thirty pairs of socks for a weeklong vacation in the Caribbean? A common mistake is packing too much ‘stuff’ you won’t need. Our advice: Travel light, comfortably and remember to label your luggage properly.
  • When traveling internationally – remember your electricity converter.  Not all outlets are the same so do some research first.