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While travelling, an accident or sickness can happen at any time, causing you an inconvenience or a hefty medical bill. Travel insurance allows you to enjoy peace of mind while you relish in your vacation time.

We recommend that passengers purchase travel insurance coverage that is appropriate for the type of tour and destination.


What We Offer

We offer insurance packages by through a local travel broker  Stephen Eastwood - Insurance 247 Travel Insurance for overnight and out of province is highly recommended and should be purchased within 7 days of making the initial payment towards your trip – ideally at the time of booking. Passengers are permitted to decline the purchase of insurance however we require those passengers to sign a waiver.

Cancellation Assurance

Cancellation Assurance is a type of protection that Maxima Tours offers its passengers so that they may pay for a day trip with confidence.


How It Works: When you pay for your day trip, you have the option of also purchasing cancellation assurance for $10.00.  This will allow you to cancel a trip (with doctor’s note) and receive the cost of the trip back less the $10.00.  When Maxima purchases a non-refundable portion of a trip cost on your behalf such as a theatre ticket (i.e $35), then this portion of the refund is also non-refundable.  For example, let’s say that the trip cost is $100 and you purchase cancellation assurance for $10.  Out of the $100 trip cost, there is a non-refundable trip component of $35.  Should you have to cancel your trip, the amount refunded back to you would be $65 dollars or $100 less $35.

Travel Insurance

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