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Travel Tips

Traveling Abroad


Make copies of all relevant travel documents (passport, tickets, driver's license, and insurance information).

Before departure tell your friends and family where you are going and provide any addresses or contact information.

Carry your travel insurance contact information everywhere you go.


Bring only as much as you need! Plan how much you will spend and how much you might need for emergencies.

Keep your cash out of sight. Use secret pockets or pouches, and use a safe when at a hotel. 

Know the right exchange rates. Some airport currency exchange offices have the best rates in the area.

Travel Diary
Packed Luggage


Pack lightly! This will make sure you avoid hefty luggage fees and will leave room for souvenirs.

Make sure you bring your necessary chargers and any converters you may need.

Label your luggage correctly and pack some necessities in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost.

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